Mary Kate Wilcox

Livestock Apprentice

Mary Kate Wilcox was raised in Overland Park, Kansas. She attended Kansas State University for two years, studying Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. Before arriving at farming, Mary Kate worked a variety of avian field technician jobs in Kansas, Michigan, and North Dakota. She has investigated the migration patterns and nesting success of grassland birds, the habits and abundance of Red-headed Woodpeckers, and mercury accumulation in songbirds inhabiting wetland environments. While at K-State, she worked in two different avian biology labs helping to explore the mating dances of manakins in Costa Rica and the food use of pheasants on the Great Plains.

In 2019, Mary Kate decided to leave school in order to pursue new experiences. She returned home where she worked at a dog boarding facility for two years, honing her skills with animals. In the winter of 2020, Mary Kate took a hiatus from the dog boarding facility and traveled to Heartland Farm in Pawnee Rock, KS. During her first farm season, Mary Kate worked with chickens, alpacas, and a variety of crops. She became fascinated with the interplay between agriculture and environmental stewardship, especially as it relates to grassland management and restoration. Mary Kate started at ACES at Rock Bottom Ranch in March of 2022 as a livestock apprentice.

As an avid birder, most of Mary Kate’s free time is spent outside exploring the natural world by foot or by kayak. She also enjoys reading, writing, long conversations with friends, and adoring any dog she can find.