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Wildlife at the End of the Earth: Antarctic Birds and Animals

Naturalist Nights 2014 | Dick Filby

In his Naturalist Nights presentation birder Dick Filby offers an introduction to the incredible wildlife and scenery that can be experienced in Antarctica. His presentation was lavishly illustrated with photos that he has taken over the years and explored the changes that are being observed in Antarctica due to the effects of climate change.

Dick Filby, part-time local resident, and international birder, has been working in Antarctica as a naturalist guide since 1989. He has only missed one season since, and is still thrilled every time he goes. In 1991 he founded the U.K.’s premier Rare Bird Alert news service which now provides scarce and rare bird sightings information in the UK. In recent years he’s worked in Snowmass, Colorado to set up a winter bird interpretation program on the ski slopes.

Naturalist Nights are brought to you through a partnership between Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Wilderness Workshop, and Roaring Fork Audubon.

Dick Filby

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