Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees are essential in ACES’ efforts to build environmental conscience and stewardship within our community. We recognize that community members, partners, and visitors from all backgrounds are essential to our success as an organization and the continuation of ACES’ mission.

Daniel Shaw

Board Chair

Brian Brady

Chris Daniels

Andy Docken

Jennifer Goldfarb

Mark Hamilton

Hadley Hentschel

Reenie Kinney

Leslie Lamont

Adam Lewis

Diane Moore

Jerry Murdock

Gina Murdock

Ben Pritzker

Barbara Rosenberg

Alex Sanchez

Colter Van Domelen

Adelaide Waters

Working together we can make a difference.

Protect our world for the future. A donation to ACES allows us to forge bold innovation in environmental science education, ecological literacy, forest health, restoration of our lands, and sustainable agriculture. We hope you will make an investment in nature today and join a community of environmental stewards!