Adelaide Waters

Adelaide enjoyed a 30-year career as a corporate consultant with expertise in organizational systems and employee development. In her work with leaders and teamsacross industry sectors, she learned and practiced the art of listening, and the positive impact of holding space so the bright people in the room can learn from and with each other. Her training, seminars, and executive coaching in leadership, team-building, career management, group and meeting facilitation. She holds an M.S. in Organization Development and M.A. in Social Psychology. With her passion for community-building and peer-learning, Adelaide created Women’s Forum, a model for women’s groups that has grown from Aspen to Seattle to SW Florida. She has published two books, The Facilitator Guidebook, a DIY guide to group process, and The Women’s Forum Handbook, a compendium of discussion guides on topics such as women’s roles, modern relationships, character and contribution, and personal growth.

Adelaide lives with her husband and dog in Aspen, Colorado. They enjoy visiting their adult children (and finally some grandkids!)and live an active lifestyle. She is still friends with her little Buddy, and volunteers with Pathfinders. She served on Boards of the Forest Conservancy in Aspen and Artemisa Animal Hospital in Nicaragua. She also enjoys a regular gig as a Spellbinders storyteller for middle school kids, keeping alive the ancient tradition of storytelling.