ACES Bird Club

The opportunity to join the ACES Bird Club is available to current ACES members who want to deepen their birding knowledge and skills, directly support the ACES birding program, and enjoy special year-round birding invitations only offered to ACES Bird Club members! 

The ACES Bird Club is a community of birders who are excited about discovering and exploring the avian fauna of the Roaring Fork Valley, and want to support the ACES birding program. Whether you are a year-round resident or visit seasonally, a seasoned birder or new to birding, we invite you to join our community of fellow bird lovers! This is an opportunity to learn about wild birds, their behaviors, and explore their habitats. 

The $250 annual Bird Club fee funds our birding programs directly. ACES Bird Club members pay upfront for a whole year of morning and evening birding classes, and in turn, get access to the benefits listed below. 

ACES Bird Club Benefits

  • Unlimited Tuesday Morning and various evening birding classes for one year for one person (365 days from purchase with discount code). ACES offers 30+ birding outings throughout the year, including weekly birding June–October and monthly birding November–May. ($750 pp value)
  • 50% off ACES Birding by Habitat outings and other additional birding field classes (with discount code)
  • ACES Bird Club-only invitations to special birding outings and events throughout the year
  • 10% discount and free shipping on binoculars, scopes, and other birding gear at The Fat Robin (1-866-FAT-ROBIN or
  • Direct Program Support: Your annual fee directly supports the continuation and enhancement of ACES’ valuable birding programs.

Please note that the ACES Bird Club fee of $250 is not tax-deductible. We look forward to welcoming you to our community and embarking on a journey into the world of birds together!

Join ACES Bird Club!

Already an ACES Member? Want to deepen your birding knowledge and skills  and enjoy unlimited Tuesday Morning Birding and special invitations year round while directly support ACES Birding Program?

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Not an ACES member yet or need to renew? Visit our Membership page to learn more about the benefits of joining ACES at what ever level works for your family!

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