ACES Phenology Resources

What is phenology?

When the aspen trees change their colors, when the first snowflakes start to fall, when the osprey return to their nest, and when the flowers begin to bloom each year are all examples of seasonal changes. These changes are all around us. They can be studied by anyone, no matter how old you are or where you live.

Scientists around the world study phenology to learn more about plants and animals—as well as the land, air, and sea we all share. Phenology is also important for scientists that study the Earth’s climate and how it changes over time.

Become a Phenologist!

We invite you to use our phenology journal and phenology wheel to keep track of the changes in nature that are occurring around you!

Please share your findings and observations, and photos of your phenology journal or wheel with us on social media using #ACESphenology.

  • ACES Phenology Journal – Make daily, weekly or monthly observations  to notice the seasonal changes in your area. You can do this on your own or with your family!
  • ACES Phenology Wheel – Create a 30-day or annual wheel to display the changes you observe.
  • Project Budburst – Become a citizen scientist and contribute to Project Budburst’s national database!