Accessibility at Rock Bottom Ranch

Rock Bottom Ranch is not wheelchair accessible. If you are interested in visiting the ranch and will need assistance in getting around, please call us at 970-927-6760.


We have accessible parking available at Rock Bottom Ranch, located behind the Field Studies Center (FSC) and marked as a 5-minute loading zone. Guests with accessibility challenges can also be dropped off under the carport adjacent to the FSC. There is a door (with steps) leading into the FSC.

All other guests should park in the signed main parking area off of Hooks Spur Road and walk up the pathway to the FSC.


Our self-guided farm tour trail meanders around the property and is generally not considered wheelchair accessible. The path is uneven and unpaved. It is primarily established with small pebbles, though some sections have heavy applications of wood chips to help mitigate the flooding we experience on the property. This is an issue we are constantly managing, and even for those without disabilities, boots are suggested as the path can get quite muddy.

In addition to the farm trail, we have a birding trail that explores the wildlife sanctuary on the property. This unpaved path may consist of uneven terrain, mud, and different materials and obstructions.

ACES is working to make trails and the site more wheelchair accessible and accessible for people with disabilities. We are in the process of developing a plan for path maintenance such as using different material for paths and mitigating flooding.