ACES Annual Mushroom Fair

Join visiting fungi expert Dr. Andrew Wilson, Curator and Assistant Curator at the Sam Mitchel Herbarium of Fungi, Denver Botanic Gardens, for ACES’ Annual Mushroom Fair! Learn all you ever wanted to know about mushrooms — a wide variety of specimens will be exhibited, identified and examined up close. Come prepared to look at various mushrooms under a microscope, make spore prints, learn about their intricate ways and how important they are to the whole ecosystem — you’re welcome to bring your own mushrooms to share and learn about. Come to ACES for a fun filled afternoon learning about mushrooms!

If you are able, join us for an in-depth 2-day field class with Andy on Thrusday and Friday leading into the fair, when you get to experience the mushroom hunting first hand. Learn more about the workshop here.

ACES Annual Mushroom Fair



July 29, 2022 from 1–4pm




Hallam Lake