Discovering the Yukon Wilderness by Paddleboard

“Discovering the Yukon Wilderness by Paddleboard”
Jordan Curet

Aspen resident Jordan Curet and her team arrived to Whitehorse, Alaska via seaplane. There, they began their 130-mile “self-supported” paddleboard journey of the Yukon River headwaters. On a route only passable by watercraft, Jordan saw highlights like an abandoned ghost ship, Klondike gold rush remnants, and the Northern Lights. The team marveled at the perfect silence of the river over their 5-day adventure. Join her on February 12th to enjoy the story of “Discovering the Yukon Wilderness by Paddleboard.” 

What is Potbelly Perspectives?

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Discovering the Yukon Wilderness by Paddleboard

February 12, 2020 from 7–8pm




Hallam Lake