Film Premiere: “Every Little Thing”

Amid the glamor of Hollywood, Los Angeles, a woman finds herself on a transformative journey as she nurtures wounded hummingbirds, unraveling a visually captivating and magical tale of love, fragility, healing, and the delicate beauty in tiny acts of greatness.

Directed and written by Sally Aitken.

From the Director: “I hope you will love this film. EVERY LITTLE THING invites an audience to experience a connection that goes beyond the ordinary. The hummingbirds are symbols of the delicate balance we all navigate, reminding us of the beauty found in both our vulnerabilities and our ability to rise above adversity. I hope in watching this film, viewers experience a surprising way to transcend mundane boundaries. I hope people see that the indefinable beauty of hummingbirds is a mirror reflecting the complexity and wonder of the human experience, where, as Einstein says, ‘either nothing is a miracle, or everything is.”

In partnership with Aspen Film.

Film Premiere: “Every Little Thing”


Tickets on sale in July


Upcoming Date:

August 22, 2024 from 6:30–8:30pm