Food & Farmers: A Photographic Journey (overnight)

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Join us for a week of culinary and photographic adventures! Using the livestock and vegetables at Rock Bottom Ranch as your models, and the nearby flower gardens, streams, trees, and plants as a spectacular backdrop, learn what makes a good photograph, and examine the power of photography to capture and tell stories about the world around you. Meet local farmers and gain experience with all aspects of regenerative agriculture and ranch life. Using photography editing apps and professional printing services, you’ll choose feature images and create your own book. Be the artistic director, artist, and editor all-in-one while telling the story of regenerative agriculture at the ranch, from farm to table. This exciting week will culminate with the opportunity for budding cooks and photographers to sleep over at the ranch on Thursday night, prepare a healthy, seasonal dish in the RBR kitchen or over the fire, and take photos of the night sky!

Overnight details:
Mon-Wed: 9:30am – 3:30pm at Rock Bottom Ranch
Thursday: Meet at Rock Bottom Ranch 9:30am ready with all overnight gear
Friday: Pick-up at Rock Bottom Ranch at 12pm
*To properly prepare for the class, participants must bring their own iPad, iPhone, tablet, or smartphone with a working camera. We expect that participants are familiar with their own device and bring it in a sturdy, protective case along with a charger. A list of applications to download will be emailed in advance of the start date.

Food & Farmers: A Photographic Journey (overnight)

June 28, 2021 from 9:30am–3:30pm