Hut Week: A Personal & Institutional Journey

“Hut Week: A Personal & Institutional Journey”
Greg Shaffran

For the past 8 years, a group of local friends have spent ‘Hut Week’ traversing through the local hut systems. In addition to a discussion about the personal triumphs and logistical challenges of these recreational trips, as a board member for both Mountain Rescue Aspen and the Alfred Braun Hut system, join Greg in the discussion for unique insights into the systems in place that make journeys like ‘Hut Week’ possible.

Greg is a passionate skier and adventurer, who has been engaged in the realm of mountain safety as a professional and volunteer for many years. During that time, he has worked as a private chef, backcountry ski guide, avalanche educator, and software implementation specialist. In addition, he is a board member of Mountain Rescue Aspen; a board member for the Alfred A. Braun Hut System, Colorado’s first hut system; and an advocate for Response, a local nonprofit dedicated to domestic violence awareness and outreach.

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Hut Week: A Personal & Institutional Journey

February 18, 2020 from 6–7pm