Penguins, Peaks & Off-Piste Skiing: Skiing the Antarctic Peninsula

About the Speaker

Growing up in central New Jersey, Sammy Podhurst always knew she was destined to move out West. Impatient to finish college, she graduated a year early to pursue her life on the new frontier. Sammy has been working at Aspen Expeditions since 2011, where she is a senior ski, rock & alpine guide. Sammy has embarked on expeditions across the globe, all the way from the Himalayas to the Peruvian Andes, and many places in between. If ever posed with a 2nd career opportunity, she would make homemade greeting cards and breed border collies.

About the Presentation

Sammy always thought that the closet she would ever get to exploring the polar region of Antarctica would be through watching Planet Earth. Then this past year the opportunity was presented, with a long time client, to go skiing on the continent. What she experienced was nothing short of spectacular – curious penguins, Orcas breaching, and wild landscapes – making it difficult to believe it all wasn’t a dream. Join Sammy as she takes us on her journey across the Drake Passage, to skiing on the Antarctic Peninsula, with birds wearing their finest apparel.

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Penguins, Peaks & Off-Piste Skiing: Skiing the Antarctic Peninsula

January 1, 1970 from 12–12am