Potbelly Perspectives: Every Single Street – SOLD OUT

Every Single Street: Reimagining our Urban Landscape through Mindful Endurance

by Rickey Gates

Wednesday, February 2, 6pm | Hallam Lake

Advance Registration Required | Free for members, $5 for non-members.


Who we are depends a great deal on the environments we call home and the habits we form within our day to day. In 2018, Rickey Gates devised an endurance running project that would disrupt those habits and in turn, ideally, help him better understand both his environment and himself.  Over the course of 47 consecutive days, Gates took to running Every Single Street of his then home of San Francisco. The 1300-mile journey would go on to provide an entirely new perspective of the city where he had been living for the previous six years.

The practice of running Every Single Street in San Francisco encouraged Gates to take on a nine-day tourist version in Mexico City and a slower (but perhaps more appropriately paced) version in his newly adopted city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the past four years, the project has been adopted by hundreds of others around the world, from Seattle to Dubai. Drawing inspiration from the mindful practice of body-scan meditation, Gates has allowed the Every Single Street project to evolve, grow and, in turn, guide him towards seeing and understanding the true nature of a place. Learn more about Every Single Street.

Learn more about Rickey Gates here.

About Potbelly Perspectives

ACES’ Potbelly Perspectives speaker series features Aspen locals and visitors who share their exciting accounts of world travel and adventure through images and stories. This series provides an opportunity for community-building and story-telling that engages Aspen locals and visitors alike.

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Potbelly Perspectives: Every Single Street – SOLD OUT


Free for members, $5 for non-members.

February 2, 2022 from 6–7pm




Hallam Lake