Rock Bottom Ranch Farmer Panel 2020

Get to Know Your Farmers!

We hope you will join us in watching our Farmer Panel, moderated by Ranch Director Jason Smith. This even was live streamed October 1st at 6pm MT. This event showcases our local farmers and as the speak to what it takes to be a local grower in the Roaring Fork Valley. 


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Meet Our Farmers:

Alyssa Barsanti, Agriculture Manager

Uncertain if she wanted to become a farmer, Alyssa arrived at Rock Bottom Ranch five and a half years ago for a public farm tour. Through the last six seasons, her passion and commitment to a career in agriculture has grown tremendously.

Jen Ghigiarelli, Livestock & Site Lead

With years of farming under her belt, including managing a goat dairy and a regenerative livestock apprenticeship, Jen was drawn to continue farming at Rock Bottom Ranch because of the intensive multi-species rotational grazing systems.

Mariah Foley, Vegetable Lead

After multiple seasons of large scale vegetable production, Mariah was drawn to Rock Bottom Ranch because of the explicitly stated link between agriculture and environmental stewardship and a chance to explore the productive capacity of small acreage.

Kathleen Voight, Vegetable Crew Member

With an exposure to agriculture, the arts and land conservation, Kathleen was drawn to farm this season to learn about the relationship between food production and sustainable land management. Kathleen was an ACES Naturalist prior to working at RBR.

Maddi Sorrentino, Livestock & Site Crew Member

With a background in wildlife biology, Maddi decided to farm this season to pursue a growing interest in the connection of wild spaces, agriculture, and people. Maddi was also an ACES Naturalist prior to working at RBR.

Dara Unger, Vegetable Crew Member

After working on her college farm, Dara was inspired to dive into a season of full time farming to learn more about small scale vegetable production and have her own hand in improving the sustainability in our food systems.

Tonight’s Moderator:

Jason Smith, Rock Bottom Ranch Director

With over a decade of working in kitchens, Jason was inspired to delve into agriculture. Eleven farming seasons later, Jason is passionate about training and working alongside beginner farmers.

Rock Bottom Ranch Farmer Panel 2020

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October 1, 2020 from 6–6pm