The Story of the Forest

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The forest ecosystems affected by the 2018 Lake Christine Fire have many stories to tell. We will focus on the ecological stories and regeneration/recovery of the forest ecosystems that were burned as well as the underlying climate-related stories we have in this valley. Based out of Rock Bottom Ranch, participants will spend time walking around the burn zones, collecting footage and stories of the forest two years after the fire to share through digital storytelling and artistic representation.

*To properly prepare for the class, participants must bring their own iPad, iPhone, tablet, or smartphone with a working camera. We expect that participants are familiar with their own device and bring it in a sturdy, protective case along with a charger. PLEASE make sure to have a video editor app downloaded on your device prior to class such as iMovie. A list of applications to download will be emailed in advance of the start date.

The Story of the Forest

June 21, 2021 from 9:30am–3:30pm