The Wisdom and Medicine of the Earth: Healing the Planet and Ourselves Workshop

Join Buddhist eco doula and PhD psychologist Lindsay Branham and author of Heartwood (forthcoming in 2024), and guest musician and mindfulness teacher John Newton (December 11th) in a three-part workshop and learn how we can shape collective futures if we are willing to build loving, lasting reciprocal relationships with the Earth through moment-to-moment embodied awareness.

Through mindfulness, meditation, embodied nature connection practice, ritual, breathwork, discussion and more, you will;

  • Foster a loving and reciprocal relationship with the Earth.
  • Find embodied support for climate collapse, existential crises and much more.
  • Build community with others who share an interest in caring for nature.
  • Practice attunement, receptivity and self-soothing in and with nature.
  • Enjoy the sensuous interplay of live music and learning to hear the “music of the Earth.”

This 1.5hr workshop will be offered three times consecutively. Each session will build on the next but you are also free to drop-in to any as you are available. Please bring warm clothes as part of each workshop includes time outside, weather permitting.

Nov 27th:
Earth as Refuge: Nourishing gratitude and cultivating wonder.

December 4th:
Earth as Partner: Wondrous and sensuous interconnectivity motivates right and meaningful action.

December 11th:
Earth as Family: Listening to the “music of the Earth,” and learning our common language.

This program will nourish the heart and body and spark powerful experiences with the Earth that create a deep companionship. Return home with a grounded ability to remain centered, joyful, and more fully resourced even in the harshest of times and continue your practice of Earth relationship.

Supported by Lead with Love

About the Instructors:

Lindsay Branham is a Buddhist eco-doula and a PhD candidate in psychology at the University of Cambridge investigating how embodied awareness and relational attachment lead to enduring human-Earth relationships. Lindsay sources from various wisdom and mindfulness traditions including body and erotic ecology, Mahayana Buddhism, mystical Christianity and yoga, and utilizes the modalities of ecstatic dance, nervous system regulation, receptive listening, conscious service and more. Lindsay is also an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and has spent 15 years documenting ecological and human crises around the world.

Lindsay trained to become a Buddhist eco-doula through the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies where she studied deep ecology, grief and meditation practice. This workshop is informed by her decades-long contemplative practice and her personal love for the Roaring Fork valley, which is where she is from. She is currently writing the book Heartwood, that guides readers through an embodied process of creating an enduring and reciprocal relationship with the Earth, which will be released by Sounds True in 2024.

John Newton (only December 11th) is a mindfulness teacher, psychedelic integration specialist and artist with a love and reverence for inquiry, imagination, and awakening. With extensive experience in the psychedelic wellness industry and psychedelic harm reduction services, John has trained as a meditation instructor in the Buddhist insight meditation tradition with senior Dharma teacher Christopher Titmuss, and has arduously explored the depths of contemplative traditions East and West for more than a decade. Currently his main interests are in rediscovering the visionary ideas of the ancient world to find a future worth living in, and the radical power of napping. He feels blessed with the privilege to share his skills as a musician and guitarist in the service of healing.

The Wisdom and Medicine of the Earth: Healing the Planet and Ourselves Workshop


$25, Members receive 10% off with discount code

December 11, 2023 from 5:30–7pm




Hallam Lake