Where Wildlife Meets the Road: Advancing Safe Passages in the Roaring Fork Valley

Presentations are Wednesdays at 6 pm at the Third Street Center in Carbondale, CO, and Thursdays at 6pm at ACES at Hallam Lake, in Aspen, CO.

About the Presentation

Around the world, wildlife crossings are increasingly being built to help reduce vehicle collisions with wildlife while allowing animals to safely cross under or over a roadway to access the habitat and resources they need to survive. This presentation will discuss wildlife’s need for connectivity across roads; how wildlife crossings can create safer roads for wildlife and motorists; and steps being taken in Colorado and, specifically, in the Roaring Fork Valley to advance safe passages for wildlife.

About the Speakers

Julia Kintsch is the founder of ECO-resolutions ecological resource consulting based in Golden, and an expert in minimizing and mitigating the impacts of infrastructure on wildlife and ecological systems. Her efforts have advanced the practice of transportation ecology and spurred greater collaboration among transportation, wildlife, and land management agencies in creating solutions for wildlife connectivity across jurisdictional boundaries.

Cecily DeAngelo is spearheading the effort as the non-profit Director of Roaring Fork Safe Passages. Born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley, and it has long been an interest to protect wildlife in the watershed. Cecily owned a juice and coffee business in Boulder, Colorado before returning home to Snowmass Village where she resides with her husband and young son.

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With questions or comments about this program, please contact Phebe Meyers, ACES Community Programs Senior Manager, at pmeyers@aspennature.org or call 970.925.5756.

Where Wildlife Meets the Road: Advancing Safe Passages in the Roaring Fork Valley

January 26, 2023 from 6–7pm