Yellowstone Wolves: A Quarter Century of Research and Observations

Presentations are Wednesdays at 6pm at Roaring Fork High School in Carbondale, CO, and Thursdays at 6pm at ACES at Hallam Lake, in Aspen, CO.

About the Presentation

After the reintroduction of gray wolves (Canis Lupus) back into Yellowstone National Park in 1995, researchers have observed and studied their behavior, gaining invaluable data over the last three decades. Taylor Rabe works as a biological technician for the Yellowstone Wolf Project. She spends her days radio tracking and observing radio-collared wolves, while also sharing her knowledge, spotting scope, and sightings with the millions of park visitors. Through incredible video and photos, Taylor will highlight the struggles, successes, and social dynamics within wolf families – all gathered through visual observations from the ground and air. Taylor hopes to share the stories, data collected, and controversies surrounding Yellowstone Wolves, and their future going forward.

About the Speaker

Taylor Rabe was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. She graduated in 2018 from Ohio State University with a Zoology degree, and spent time doing conservation work in South Africa before moving out West to Yellowstone National Park. She worked as a naturalist before being selected as Conservation Nations first inaugural fellow, which landed her in her first full-time field position with the Yellowstone Wolf Project. She has been observing and studying gray wolves for the last five years.

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Photo credit: Taylor Rabe.

Yellowstone Wolves: A Quarter Century of Research and Observations



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