Christmas Bird Count Species List | December 15, 2019

ACES Staff

December 15, 2019

Christmas Bird Count Species List | December 15, 2019

Sunday, December 15, 2019, 7:30AM – 3PM

“Count Day” Species Identified
Canada Goose
Common Goldeneye
Wild Turkey
Great Blue Heron
Bald Eagle
Red-tailed Hawk
Golden Eagle
Wilson’s Snipe
Rock Pigeon
Eurasian Collared-Dove
Belted Kingfisher
Downy Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker
Northern Flicker
Steller’s Jay
Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay
Clark’s Nutcracker
Black-billed Magpie
American Crow
Common Raven
Black-capped Chickadee
Mountain Chickadee
Red-breasted Nuthatch
White-breasted Nuthatch
American Dipper
Townsend’s Solitaire
American Robin
Song Sparrow
Dark-eyed Junco
Red-winged Blackbird
Pine Grosbeak
House Finch
American Goldfinch
House Sparrow


“Count Week” Species Identified
White-tailed Ptarmigan
Pygmy Nuthatch
Brown Creeper
American Kestrel
European Starling


The 120th annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count season is underway and the Aspen count took place on Sunday, December 15, 2019. More than 20 volunteers contributed to gathering bird census data within the 15-mile diameter circle centered roughly around Cozy Point Ranch, documenting 35 species plus 5 count week species. Cold weather and a deep early season snowpack made this a true winter experience, but fueled by hot coffee and Paradise Bakery muffins, the hardy groups covered their routes. Snowmass Ski Patrol helped as well by counting white-tailed ptarmigans in the extensive alpine terrain at the top of Snowmass Ski Area. We were also thrilled to have two young girls, Izzy and Sofia, join as volunteer birders. 

Highlights were a great blue heron, a Clark’s nutcracker foraging in a bald-faced hornet’s nest, a healthy number of downy and hairy woodpeckers, a bald eagle that flew into view just as we were hoping to see one, and many Townsend’s Solitaires. Absent from our count this year were cedar waxwings, white-throated sparrows, and rosy-finches. Count week species were American kestrel, brown creeper, pygmy nuthatch, European starling, and white-tailed ptarmigan.

This season more than 60,000 people across the Western Hemisphere will participate in the Christmas Bird Count, the longest-running citizen science project in the world. Thanks to our volunteers that made this possible and to ACES for hosting and supporting this important event.

~ Rebecca Weiss, ACES Bird Guide 

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