Indian Summer

ACES Staff

October 6, 2011

Indian Summer

Its Indian Summer here at Rock Bottom Ranch, and the weather has been beautiful! Harvest is definitely in full swing! The garden has been cranking out green beans and squash, and the pasture has been fattening our final batch of meat birds.


This past weekend was our first canning class of the season, taught by Stephanie Syson from the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. We canned dill pickles, salsa, and made some delicious apple sauce from some apples donated by one of our lovely neighbors.


We also have a new resident in the farm yard! A wild turkey has frequently been seen hangin’ out with our gang! We have christened her Sheena – Queen of the jungle. She actually looks remarkably similar to one of our domestic turkeys, but she has a little bit of a wild look about her, longer legs, and she is usually spotted running out of the hen yard at top speeds. She is usually around in the evening and roosts with the other turkeys up in the rafters of the tractor yard. The turkeys have taken to roosting much higher up than usual, in the wake of several mysterious casualties. They can be heard scraping and flapping to stay on top of the tin roof around sunset, which is a sure sign that the chickens are all gathered back in their hen house and are ready to be shut-up for the night.

The Ranch is beautiful this time of year, and we hope that you have time to stop by and enjoy it! We have a Full Moon Walk coming up next Tuesday, October 11th at 6pm, and, of course, THE HARVEST PARTY!! That will be on Saturday, October 22nd, from 12 to 4, and will include pony rides, pumpkin carving, farm tours, and the Hell Roaring String band! Come out, support Rock Bottom Ranch, and have a good time!