July 2023 Farmer Updates from Rock Bottom Ranch

ACES Staff

July 25, 2023

July 2023 Farmer Updates from Rock Bottom Ranch

July 5, 2023

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Although fireworks are banned, we are still feeling the heat. Dry summers make water even more essential to our production and we are so grateful for this last winter’s snowfall for making the rivers rage and fill our ditches with an abundance of water. 

Summer is my favorite season, and summer fruits and veggies are a  huge reason why. We just finished pruning and trellising all of our greenhouses and I’m happy to report that all of our tomato, cucumber, eggplant, and pepper crops are growing fruits. While our cold, wet spring means that they are not quite ready yet, they will be soon and that is something to look forward to. 

Recently, the livestock team has been struggling with our tractor and gator being out of commission. But with some ingenuity, they have been able to improvise and keep the animals moving to ensure our pasture maintains good health!

With all of the challenges this busy season brings, our problem solving means resilience: every solution ensures that we get more fresh eggs, chickens, and fruits/ veggies to feast on. 

— Julianne Tippett, Vegetable Apprentice


First Farm to Table Dinner of the season. Photo by Eli Stoken.


June 18, 2023

Last Thursday and Friday, we commenced our first Farm to Table dinners of the season. Each summer, we host six Farm to Table dinners and three Burlap Dinners at the ranch. These events are a great way to get to know our community, the people we grow food for, and to have fun. This first round of dinners featured chicken, lettuce, beets, turnips and radishes from our farm. It is so fulfilling to provide vegetables that we planted in the spring to gourmet visiting chefs, who then turn our produce into a spectacular four course meal.

Working these dinners was a good reminder of how important local agriculture is, not only for the environment, but the community. Food is powerful, and I am proud to be a part of a team who bring different people together at the same table over a shared meal on the ranch. Witnessing strangers become friends in one night is something to behold, especially in a place like our ranch. 

Our livestock team is now on their fifth batch of broiler hens and have started raising turkeys as well. Our cows have been doing a great job fertilizing our pastures, and our laying hens are at an all-time high of productivity. Please enjoy this week’s CSA, and if you will be attending one of our dinners this month, have fun!


— Julianne Tippett, Vegetable Apprentice

July 26, 2023

How is it already the final week of July? Time has been carried away by the chaos of peak production on the ranch. Some days have felt like a sprint to reach the middle of the season, and now that we’re here, it feels like a good time to catch our breath and reflect on our hard work. 

So far this summer, the ranch has hosted a variety of weekly children’s camps, overnight groups, birding events, Egg Collection Fridays, Saturday Hay Ride tours, lunches and dinners in collaboration with the Little Nell; and our first Farm to Table Dinners of the season.

In our vegetable production, July has meant an abundance of new vegetables to tend to and harvest, preparing fall crops, and a whole lot of weeding. Meanwhile, our livestock team has been ensuring our sheep herd, cattle, rabbits, and chickens have plenty of water to beat the heat.

Our market season is also in full swing! Our staff have loved engaging with customers at the Wednesday Carbondale Market and Saturday Aspen Market. When you come to collect your CSA share this week, feel free to walk around the farm, say hi to the sheep, check our our veggie fields, bike on our eco trail, and enjoy our beautiful wildlands.


— Molly Farrell, Vegetable Apprentice


Mariah Foley and Alyssa Barsanti harvesting lettuce at Rock Bottom Ranch. Photo by Chris Cohen.

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