RBR News | April 1, 2014

ACES Staff

March 31, 2014

RBR News | April 1, 2014

Around the Ranch
It is springtime at RBR and new blades of green grass, increased egg production, and softening, frost-free ground are daily glimpses into the warmer months ahead.

During the past several weeks we have been busy preparing for the upcoming growing season. Harper Kaufman and Christian La Bar, new additions to the Rock Bottom Ranch agriculture team, have been working diligently to clean up from winter and set up for planting season. They have been preparing for production in our new greenhouse by constructing raised beds, starting vegetable seedlings, and finalizing this year’s growing plans. All of this preparatory work is in addition to daily chores, including caring for an increasing number of livestock on the property.

Our first lambs of the spring season were born yesterday. The sheep at RBR are raised in partnership with Crystal River Meats, which is owned by the Jacober family. The Jacobers visit the ranch several times a week to check on the flock’s progress. We currently have 45 ewes (female sheep) at RBR, most of which are two-year-olds and first-time mothers. Ideally, we would like for the ewes to birth twins, however first-time mothers often rear singles. We are anticipating around 65 lambs from this group of mothers and for the next few weeks we will likely have new lambs born daily!

Available Products
RBR’s laying hens are responding to the longer days and egg production is starting to increase! Pasture-raised, Animal Welfare Approved, non-GMO chicken and duck eggs are available for purchase at Rock Bottom Ranch, Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM.

~ Jason Smith, RBR Director

Join us for Farm Tours Monday – Friday at 11AM.  For questions about Rock Bottom Ranch please email Jason at jsmith@aspennature.org.

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