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    15  May

    Unprecedented RF Peak Flows

    It may be too early to call but we could be in uncharted waters as far as Roaring Fork River peak flows go. Bad pun.

    Possible Peak of Roaring Fork at Aspen, 128 cfs 4/27/12.

    Previous lowest peak 202 cfs in 2002. (47 years of record keeping)

    Last year peak was 816 cfs.

    Historical Peak Stream flow complete record here: Roaring Fork at Aspen


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    14  May

    What's Where When

    It's never too late to start observing nature and keeping records. Phones, cameras, and social media make it easy to share. Collective observations by all of us (citizen science) can be a powerful tool for understanding the landscape. Citizen science and phenology are gaining attention. An ACES goal is to facilitate our community's observations and reporting of nature. Direct engagement with the natural world connects us to our environment, providing intellectual, spiritual, and physical sustenance.

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    07  Feb

    The Fox

    I have been told that a fox stands atop a roof along the morning commute. Fox on a roof: a strange image to conjure, like “swimming cat” or “skateboarding dog” – the juicy stuff of YouTube. The mind is tempted to fit everything into its “place”: foxes in the woods; people in the towns; white snow on the roofs. Break down those walls in our minds and the forest creeps in.

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    30  Jan

    Pine Marten

    Winter is here in Aspen and our first big snow fell on January 7th. Of course I was out snowboarding on the mountain. Unfortunately a few wrong moves on my first run and I found myself in a tumble. To make a long story short, I fractured my arm. It was definitely a bummer… but this blog isn’t about me feeling bad about myself. Nature always seems to have a way of turning things around for me. Just a few days later I was waiting for guests to arrive so I could lead a snowshoe tour at Snowmass.