Saving All the Pieces: Taking Action to Save Imperiled Wildlife

"Saving All the Pieces: Taking Action to Save Imperiled Wildlife"
Tom Cardamone

The Roaring Fork Watershed, from Independence Pass to the Colorado River, is a million acres of rich biodiversity with thousands of native plant and animal species. Under the patina of natural abundance, wildlife populations are in significant decline here: elk and deer populations are down 30% to 50%, and Bighorn sheep have lost 75% of their kind. All in the last ten years! Similar declines likely occur in many other species, diminishing ecosystem integrity. Join Tom Cardamone, former ACES Executive Director, for a visual tour of this remarkable watershed and its wild inhabitants. 

Tom was Executive Director of ACES for nearly 40 years and enjoys a continuing collaboration with ACES, which serves as a member of the Science Team that guides this mission of wildlife study and recovery. He currently is the Executive Director of the Watershed Biodiversity Initiative. 

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