The Hidden Life Around Us

What species are in your backyard? Are you aware of them? And are you protecting them? These are some of the questions that Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) hopes you will think about when you read The Hidden Life Around Us. This impactful and beautiful coffee-table book showcases the species of Aspen with stunning photographs and thoughtful text.

This book grew out of a bioblitz to survey the species at Hallam Lake Nature Preserve, ACES’s campus in the heart of Aspen. On this twenty-five-acre tract of wetland with a five-acre lake, 422 species have been identified. Eighty-one of those species are showcased in the book through striking color photographs and brief, fascinating descriptions. The text includes a foreword by Bruce Finley, environmental writer for The Denver Post; an essay about biodiversity; and an essay by acclaimed nature photographer and filmmaker Pete McBride.

“These are quiet but powerful lessons, and ones that many adults have yet to learn: respect all life, not for its value to us as humans, but for the inalienable right of every living thing to continue existing.”—ACES

Look beyond the amazing images, and this book asks us to consider how we are treating the Earth and our fellow life forms. The core themes of The Hidden Life Around Us are biodiversity, the threats posed by climate change, and the importance of preserving the environment and the species that inhabit it.

Pick up your copy today at ACES at Hallam Lake, or order online below!

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