Alyssa Barsanti

Farmer Training Facilitator

Alyssa grew up in California and then ventured east to study dietetics at Boston University. During her time studying nutrition, she became interested in learning how food was grown. After graduating, she spent some brief time in northern Vermont where her passion for agriculture and agriculture education was ignited. Her heart was set on spending a winter in Aspen, though, and she moved back west. After a winter of working in a kitchen, specifically a basement, she was drawn back to the land and that’s when she stumbled down Hooks Spur Road to Rock Bottom Ranch.

Alyssa fully fell in love with agriculture while working at Rock Bottom Ranch and in spring of 2021, she left her role as Agriculture Manager to start her own livestock operation, Marigold Livestock Co. She’s so passionate about the relationship of livestock and land and how when managed with certain practices, they can be key players in a healthy ecosystem and climate.

Alyssa’s current role with ACES assists with coordinating the Farmer Training Program. She’s grateful to be involved with the organizing, mentoring and training of new farmers. When she’s able to slip away from Marigold Livestock Co., she enjoys cooking, mountain biking, hiking, and spending time on the river.