Anna Bornstein

Educator - Aspen Elementary School

Anna grew up in Stonington, Connecticut and attended Ithaca College in upstate New York, where she studied Environmental Studies and music. After graduating in the thick of Covid in 2020, Anna and her best friend piled their belongings into her Volkswagen Jetta and headed to Moab, Utah. She has been around the Rocky Mountains ever since! Anna has worked for the San Juan Mountains Association, the US Forest Service, and most recently the National Parks Service where she served as a bio-tech with the Continental Divide Research Learning Center at Rocky Mountain National Park. There, she had the opportunity to take part in research related to Sudden Aspen Decline, visitor use patterns and statistics, bio-acoustic bird monitoring, and phenology in relation to climate change. When she’s not working, you can most likely find her on the trail, on the ski slopes, or planning out her next trip.