Phebe Meyers

Community Programs Director

As the Community Programs Director, Phebe connects people of all ages to place. Born and raised in the hills of Bridgewater, VT nestled among ferns, hardwoods, and fresh produce, working in and building community around stewarding the natural environment was the lifestyle.

After graduating from Middlebury College with a Environmental Studies & Geography degree, Phebe worked at a community-based non-profit in Vermont, supporting their Valley Quest and region wide Renewable Energy programs.

After a year, she migrated south to Monteverde, Costa Rica, working with biologists and teaching students the value of maps and how to visualize data spatially, while exploring the flora and fauna of the cloud forest. Her love for distinct seasons took over, and Phebe migrated north to the rockies with her life partner, and joined the ACES family in 2013 as a Winter Naturalist.

She has held multiple hats during her decade- long journey at ACES including Summer Educator and Senior Educator at Basalt Elementary School.

A geographer at heart and in training, Phebe follows the maps, clues, and rhyming riddles of life’s big treasure hunt and continues to discover and share. You can find Phebe dancing among the alpine wildflowers, coaching cross-country skiing, birding, or laughing over a shared meal.

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