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From Cottonwoods to Cut Banks: Is River Restoration Working in the Desert Southwest?

Naturalist Nights 2016 | Shannon Hatch

Shannon will present on the Tamarisk Coalitions’ work to improve lowland riparian areas in the West for the benefit of human and wildlife communities. In addition to highlighting the Tamarisk Coalition’s work with collaborative efforts, the presentation will focus on studies undertaken to assess restoration success, including monitoring efforts to determine the impacts of tamarisk removal on streambank morphology.

Shannon Hatch joined the Tamarisk Coalition in 2010 as Restoration Coordinator. Since then she has worked with partners on a variety of projects throughout the Colorado River Basin. She currently heads up local riparian restoration efforts in the greater Grand Junction area through the Desert Rivers Collaborative. Shannon was previously a Land Steward for a regional land trust and she held a number of field jobs with the National Park Service and the US Forest Service. Filipino by birth, Shannon lays claim to Colorado as her home state, despite a long-lingering crush on Montana. She received her MS in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho and her BA in Environmental Studies/Biology from Whitman College.

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Shannon Hatch, Restoration Coordinator, Tamarisk Coalition

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