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Neonicitinoid Pesticides & Their Impact on Honeybees & Other Pollinators

Naturalist Nights 2016 | Ed Colby
Avid local beekeeper Ed Colby presents about pesticides, including Neonicitinoids, and their impact on honeybees and other pollinators in this presentation. Ed pleads for open minds and unbiased science as the keys to a middle ground that promotes the health of our pollinators, as well as a bountiful harvest for our hungry planet.
Ed Colby is a veteran beekeeper and columnist for Bee Culture magazine. In his spare time, he ski patrols on Aspen Mountain.
Naturalist Nights are brought to you through a partnership between Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Wilderness Workshop, and Roaring Fork Audubon.

Ed Colby, Beekeeper & Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol

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