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The Gold King Spill: Impacts on the Animas River

Naturalist Nights 2016 | Scott Roberts

When word arrived at the Mountain Studies Institute’s Durango Office that a spill had occurred, the staff did what they know how to do well, responding in a way that reflects the mission and vision of the Mountain Studies Institute. They provided information that could be used to help communities throughout the Animas River watershed that have a connection to the river. Marcie will discuss impacts to water quality and benthic macroinvertebrates from the orange-colored mine release that captured national and international headlines. She will offer insights on the imapcts of the spill: All residents and municipalities throughout the Animas River watershed have a connection to the river, so when the spill threatened the river it directly threatened community vitality.

Scott Roberts is the Water Programs Director at the Mountain Studies Institute.

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Marcie Demmy Bidwell, Executive Director & Scott Roberts, Water Program Director, Mountain Studies Institute

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