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The Hungry Bird: What Birds Eat

Naturalist Nights 2016 | David Leatherman

Just about everything a bird does is related to one of two things: acquisition of food or reproduction. In this presentation David Leatherman will briefly cover the nuts and bolts of bird nutrition and then extensively examine exciting food-related anecdotes within the wonderful avian diversity of Colorado. David’s presentation will answer questions: What’s a scutigera? Why do mergansers and gulls sometimes swarm in a frenzy on big reservoirs? What’s the best woody plant to attract birds to your yard? Do ravens eat candy bars? Perhaps most importantly in this presentation, David will make a case for the careful observation of birds and their foods increasing one’s enjoyment of time spent afield, while at the same time contributing significantly to our understanding/conservation of birds.

David Leatherman is a former Forest Entomologist for the Colorado State Forest Services and is the author of “What Birds Eat,” a regular column in the journal Colorado Birds. Born in 1949 and raised in central Ohio, Leatherman has been interested in nature since childhood. He has a biology degree from Marietta College and a Master of Forestry degree from Duke University. He served as the forest entomologist for the Colorado State Forest Service from 1974 to 2005. Major responsibilities included all aspects of Mountain Pine Beetle, teaching, and surveys. He is an avid birder and contributes a few thousand insect specimens to the CSU Gillette Museum annually. He is a father of three boys, and enjoys nature photography and writing.

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David Leatherman, Former Forest Entomologist, Colorado State Forest Service & Author of “The Hungry Bird” column, Colorado Birds

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