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How the Oil Industry is Carving up our Last Best Places, Eric Molvar

Naturalist Nights 2012 | Erik Molvar

Oil and gas development has become the largest single impact on wildlife habitat in Wyoming and several other western states. Learn why an industrial use that typically disturbs only five percent of the landscape directly has had such a major impact on wildlife, which plants and animals are at greatest risk in the West, and what kinds of changes are needed in federal management and industrial practices to allow drilling to coexist with wildlife and other multiple uses on our western landscapes.

Erik Molvar is Executive Director and Wildlife Biologist of Biodiversity Conservation Alliance. In addition to leading the organization, he authors comprehensive, science-based conservation alternatives for large-scale land management plans, drafts comments and administrative appeals on projects affecting public lands, and works closely with the media. Erik’s studies are internationally published, and he is the author of 14 wilderness guides. Erik has a Master of Science degree from University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Eric Molvar

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