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Welcome to Subirdia

Naturalist Nights 2017 | John Marzluff, Ph.D.

We all know that human development is threatening our environment, and yet, for some of our most charismatic wild creatures, suburban and urban habitats offer surprising opportunities to thrive. In Welcome to Subirdia, Dr. Marzluff will reveal that settled lands are often remarkably rich in bird diversity, and suggest how they may play a key role in preventing loss of species in the face of the dramatic disruptions of climate change and other human impacts. Just as we affect the birds around us, they shape our culture, commerce, and quality of life. When we make an effort to enhance bird habitat in our cities and towns, we cultivate communities that value nature, that are attractive and exciting places to live and work, and that improve the mental and physical health of our neighbors. He will discuss how we can all contribute to making our part of earth a little more friendly for animals.

John Marzluff is the James W. Ridgeway Professor of Wildlife Science at the University of Washington, where he teaches classes in ornithology, urban ecology, conservation and field research. His previous books include, In the Company of Crows and Ravens (with Tony Angell), Dog Days, Raven Nights (with his wife Colleen), and Gifts of the Crow (with Tony Angell). He is a Fellow of the American Ornithologist’s Union.

Naturalist Nights are brought to you through a partnership between Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Wilderness Workshop, and Roaring Fork Audubon.

John Marzluff, Ph.D., Professor of Wildlife Science, University of Washington

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