This class requires advanced registration to ensure appropriate planning for the field experience. Participants must register by 5pm on the day prior to the camp.

This winter break, ACES will be offering Outdoor Winter Explorers Camp on December 29 & January 2-4 at Hallam Lake for kids currently enrolled in grades K-4. Participants will explore the intricacies of the natural world during the winter months, learn about animal and human survival skills, and become snow scientists and master trackers.

Friday, December 29:
Snownation – Hibernation, Migration, Adaptation – How do animals survive the cold, snowy winter? What do they do? Where do they go? Learn about the intricacies of the animal world during the winter months and how they use their winter superpowers to survive.

Tuesday, January 2:
Winter Detectives – Whose scat is that? Whose tracks are those? Who’s hunting who and where did that animal go? Enjoy an action-packed winter day tracking animals at ACES Hallam Lake as a Winter Explorer and discover this winter wonderland firsthand.

Wednesday, January 3:
Snow Scientists – Snowflakes. Ice. Snow layers. Water becomes even more magical during the wintertime! Come explore snow science at ACES Hallam Lake and discover this winter wonderland firsthand.

Thursday, January 4:
Winter Survival – Are you ready to face the survival challenges that winter brings? Test out your ability to survive in the cold, snowy mountains. Join us at Hallam Lake to learn about the skills of shelter building, finding food, gathering water and starting a fire.