Join for the May 8th Basalt premiere of “Common Ground” at TACAW. The award-winning documentary is about how we can restore our soil health and planet with regenerative agriculture practices. The film is the sequel to the documentary “Kiss the Ground.”

Down at Rock Bottom Ranch, ACES is committed to stewarding the health of our soils and ecosystem through raising vegetables and livestock with regenerative practices. Our farmers firmly believe that farming can be a solution to the climate and health crises.

“Common Ground” is an important contribution to the conversation. A post-screening Q&A will feature RBR’s Agriculture Manager, Mariah Foley; Brian Hightower, Aspen Valley Land Trust Manager and Education Coordinator; and Casey Piscura, the Farm Collaborative.

The Q&A prior to the film will be moderated by Kaya Williams, Aspen Public Radio.

We are excited to partner with Aspen Valley Land Trust, The Farm Collaborative, Big Picture Ranch, Area23A, and Kiss the Ground to bring this film to Aspen.

5:30pm Doors

6:30pm Panel Discussion

7:00pm Film

8:45 Lobby Social and 1 on 1 questions

About the Film

Globally, soil health and biodiversity are depleting. Both of these issues can be alleviated with regenerative agriculture principles and practices. “Common Ground” offers a sweeping vision for a change in our food policy, our farm policy, and how we tackle climate change by doing more than just pointing out a problem but offering solutions – and hope. It’s not a political movement and it’s not an ideology. It’s a movement about soil. Globally, soil health and biodiversity are depleting.