Resources > Video: Sharing the Same Slope: Can Canada Lynx and winter recreation co-exist?

Sharing the Same Slope: Can Canada Lynx and winter recreation co-exist?

Winter recreation is booming in Colorado, and the potential for disturbance to the secretive Canada lynx seems high. Canada lynx are very specific in their habitat needs due to their dependence on snowshoe hares, deep snow, and wet spruce or fir forests, all of which are in limited supply in Colorado. To understand whether lynx and recreationists can get along, Lucretia Olson studied how Canada lynx react to winter recreation. We also looked at what type of habitat features lynx and recreationists use when moving through the same landscape. In this talk Olson explains what we found and why we think lynx might be able to persist in Colorado with a little give and take from humans.

Lucretia Olson

Ph.D Ecologist

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