Navigating a Love of the Land

“Navigating a Love of the Land: Weaving Together Creativity, Cartography, & Activism in the Roaring Fork Valley”
Sarah Uhl, Artist & Activist

Join Sarah as she shares her journey discovering her talents as an artist and combining them with her heart-throbbing love of the land. She will share her experiences as an “activist” and what it’s been like to team up with national environmental groups, as well as local land and water stewards like Roaring Fork Conservancy, AVLT, and Wilderness Workshop. Sarah’s presentation will also include a behind-the-scenes peek into what it was like to illustrate the entire Roaring Fork Watershed. Sarah hopes that by sharing her experience navigating her love  of place and pull to produce art, she will inspire you to explore your own unique ability to take action and play a part in protecting the places we love.

Sarah Uhl is an artist and activist from Carbondale, Colorado. She uses her whimsical creations to tell stories that help connect us to Mother Earth and the worthy and tedious endeavor of protecting the planet in our modern times. Sarah uses Joy as her secret weapon, reminding those she influences that everything begins with a strong connection to ourselves. She teaches creativity workshops out of her studio in the Historic Carbondale Jailhouse, works as a brand engagement consultant, and takes design and illustration work as a freelancer. In the summer of 2018, Sarah partnered with the Roaring Fork Conservancy to create an illustrated map of our Roaring Fork Watershed.

What is Wild Perspectives?

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From January through March, this speaker series takes place every Tuesday evening at 6PM at The Collective, providing an opportunity for community-building and story-telling that engages Aspen and Snowmass locals and visitors alike.

Navigating a Love of the Land

February 4, 2020 from 6–7pm