North Star Birding: Early Migration

In partnership with Pitkin County Open Space & Trails

Dispersing juvenile birds and early migrants are on the move by mid-August. This special birding outing will focus on learning about bird migration patterns in the Roaring Fork Valley, the importance of protected habitats for their resting and refueling needs, and how bird migration connects us to countries, continents, and hemispheres as birds begin the sensational phenomenon of fall migration. We will discuss the many environmental factors, internal cues, and physical adaptations birds use as they migrate between breeding and wintering ranges.

This class requires advanced registration to ensure appropriate planning for the field experience. Participants must register by 5pm on the day prior to the outing.

This class meets at the South Gate parking lot, 2.1 miles from the intersection of Main/Hwy 82 and Original Street (paraglider’s parking lot). There are no restroom facilities at this location.

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About the Instructor:

Rebecca Weiss is a Naturalist specializing in birding, botany, and interpretive program development. She came to ACES as a Summer Naturalist in 1993, and later directed the Naturalist Field School and worked with ACES’ Naturalist Programs. She guides for ACES’ Birding Program outings and is a professional writer and consultant. Rebecca is the author of Birds of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley. She holds a BS in Biology and a MA in Environmental Education, and loves exploring the natural world with her husband, Austin, and their children, Anders and Elsie.

North Star Birding: Early Migration


FREE, registration required!


Thursday, August 15

Upcoming Date:

August 15, 2024 from 8–11am




North Star