Un-bordered: Baja California by Bicycle

“Un-bordered: Baja California by Bicycle”
Sarah Tory

In early January 2017, Sarah Tory set out on a solo self-supported bicycle trip down the Baja California Peninsula. Following a series of remote dirt roads and sometimes, mere tracks in the sand, she intended to pedal from San Diego to La Paz, 1,400 miles south. But things didn’t go according to plan. There were heavy rains, long stretches without water, cactus thorns, ferocious chihuahuas, and intense loneliness. Finding help­—and solace—from strangers along the way, Sarah also found herself re-considering her own definition of adventure.

Sarah Tory is a Canadian independent journalist focused on migration, borders, environmental conflicts, and rural communities. In previous lives, she worked as an English teacher in Switzerland, a documentary scriptwriter in Peru, and a newspaper reporter in Chile. When she’s not writing or reporting, Sarah enjoys dreaming up harebrained adventures in the Elk Mountains and beyond. She’s currently based in Carbondale, Colorado.

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Un-bordered: Baja California by Bicycle

February 11, 2020 from 6–7pm