ACES Ed Update | October 30, 2014

ACES Staff

October 30, 2014

ACES Ed Update | October 30, 2014

November brings ACES Ed deeper into fall programming, as we work with students up and down the Roaring Fork Valley in our classroom and field science programs. We are looking forward to winter programs, including snow science programs on Aspen Mountain, winter adaptation studies at Hallam Lake, and launching our integrated Forest Health education curriculum in our in-classroom lessons.

The ACES Ed team is taking advantage of the fall season to build new sustainable agriculture curriculum for our 4th grade science classes. As a professional development opportunity, the ACES Ed team will be participating in the Bioneers Conference, a prestigious national event exploring biomimicry, environmental science, and education in Boulder, CO.

ACES Ed continues its advisory and consulting work with the Colorado Department of Education through the Colorado Environmental Education Leadership Council. This process will allow ACES to bring to a state-wide level it’s more than 30 years of innovative, standards-based education. As ACES Ed continues to expand its professional development and teacher training programs, participation in this advisory council will help us expand our reach by providing a platform to share our unique and academically successful model of integrated education with schools, teachers, and administrators across the region. Click here to read more about this wonderful opportunity.

~ Arin Trook, Education Director