Continuing in the ACES Ed Way

ACES Staff

March 12, 2014

Continuing in the ACES Ed Way

Leaf pressings, lost pencils in the grass, unrestrained curiosity – these memories float into my head when I think about times past at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES). My name is Bo Welden, and I am a graduate of the Aspen School District and Colorado State University (CSU).

Growing up in the Roaring Fork Valley had its obvious advantages for becoming connected with the natural world. Through programs like ACES, as well as outdoor education and Ex Ed trips through the Aspen School District, my connection with nature overflowed into a desire not only to learn, but also to teach others. This passion for teaching others motivated my education at CSU. I knew from my first 8:00 am class that Environmental Education would be my path.

ACES was the catalyst for my curiosity about the natural world and my career goal to become an environmental educator. I am proof that ACES’ mission “to inspire a life-long commitment to the Earth by educating for environmental responsibility” is effective. My hope is that I have become a part of that mission by committing my career to education for environmental responsibility.

Working in the education field for me started with wildlife lessons under the Colorado sun next to ACES’ Hallam Lake. With each of my own environmental teaching experiences, I see more clearly why the staff at ACES has the passion they do. To witness a young student comprehend elements of the natural world and make connections to their own lives is an incredible thing. I am planning on continuing in the ACES way, and I am grateful for their inspiration to me. Thank you ACES!

~ Bo Welden, ACES Ed alum





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