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The Red Fox: Natural History and Wildlife Biology

Naturalist Nights 2016 | Pat Magee

Red fox may be the most widespread mammal besides humans on Earth and their range is increasing. Dr. Pat Magee and his students from Western State Colorado University have been studying the red fox in Gunnison, CO using radio telemetry, tracking, and genetics. Because humans represent the main cause of mortality, Dr. Magee will discuss the tensions that have emerged among these new neighbors. He will also discuss red fox evolution and life history in the context of their study, and will explore how ecologists interpret signs in the snow to learn about the biology of wildlife in winter.

Dr. Pat Magee is the Director of the Thornton Biology Research Program at Western State Colorado University. Pat lives in Gunnison with his son and has been a faculty member at Western State Colorado University for 20 years. He grew up in Littleton and completed his undergraduate degree in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. He then traveled to Missouri and earned his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Wildlife Ecology at the University of Missouri. Magee returned to Colorado and worked for Colorado Parks and Wildlife as Coordinator of the Wetlands Program before joining the faculty at Western. He teaches a variety of courses including the Diversity of Life, Ornithology, Mammalogy, Ecology, Wildlife Ecology and Management, and Colorado Ecoregions. His passion is teaching classes in an outdoor environment and blending academic, physical and spiritual dimensions of the human experience with nature. His research focuses on birds and he has been an active player in the efforts to conserve the Gunnison Sage-grouse as well as other bird species. Pat practices soulcraft and enjoys poetry, birds, running, skiing, mountains, and spending time with his son.

Naturalist Nights are brought to you through a partnership between Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Wilderness Workshop, and Roaring Fork Audubon.

Patrick McGee, Ph.D., Director of Thorton Biology Research Program, Western State Colorado University

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